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San Francisco lost a fumble at the Miami 16,Wholesale Authentic Soccer Jerseys, and had a deflected pass intercepted to give the Dolphins the ball at the 49ers 26.
At plus-1 were the Lions against the Vikings, the Ravens vs. the Bengals,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Wholesale, the Saints vs. the Rams, the Buccaneers over the Seahawks,Wholesale Jerseys, and the Chiefs against the Broncos in the only overtime game of the week.
"When you lose the turnover battle,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, you're not going to win," 49ers coach Chip Kelly said. "We had two critical turnovers."
The Patriots were a plus-2 in winning at the Jets. Miami (over San Francisco),China Jerseys NFL, the Giants (over Cleveland),Wholesale China Jerseys, the Titans (at Chicago) and the Steelers (at Indianapolis) also were plus-2.

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