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作者: 刘浪好帅啊    時間: 2018-10-6 01:49     標題: Jerseys From China

Houston had a sack and forced a fumble when the teams met to open the regular season,Jerseys From China, and now the Texans will be without Pro Bowl left tackle Duane Brown,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, who injured his quad last weekend.
"Our thought in the whole deal was get him the opportunity to play, get used to where he was at with his thumb,wholesale soccer jerseys," Sutton said. "I think it was really valuable to get out there and go,Jerseys From China, know where he's at,Cheap NFL Jerseys, how he's going to handle this."
Now,mlb jerseys china, the big question is this: How are the Texans going to handle this?

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